About my house: My home is a single-family residence with a large fenced yard. Both doors that are used to enter/exit the house lead to the fenced yard. The gate latch is located on the outside of the gate and a carabiner is used on the latch to make sure it is securely closed. The inside of the fence is lined with river rocks, bricks, and landscape edging to make digging very difficult. My home is a quiet, non-smoking household with no children. I have two tenants that will not handle or have any responsibility for the care of your dog(s) during their stay. Safety is my number one priority and I take sole responsibility for the care of your dog(s). I am licensed and insured. I work full-time only during the week and I work from home 2-3 of those days. I have experience with shy and/or deaf dogs, fearfulness, anxiety, giving medicine, handling potty accidents, etc.

About my dogs: I have 3 small dogs (13yo Italian Greyhound, 8yo Dachshund, 5yo Chihuahua mix). My greyhound is named Mickey and he is deaf and struggles with incontinence, so I have experience with the needs of elderly dogs. My dachshund is named Frank and he is an integral part of my pack. He is the confidence booster for my other dogs. He is very easygoing, patient, and a great playmate for other pups. My chihuahua mix is named Little Dude and he is extremely fearful of new people. He will not be able to be at meet-and-greets because of this. He adores other dogs and makes very fast friends. He is a very social dog, just not with people he doesn’t see frequently. I am very understanding of fearfulness and the building of trust to help dogs feel more at ease.

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